Our lead developers have more than 15 years experience in software development in New Zealand and Australia, and we have built some software that you may have used on daily basis.

We build innovative software applications through collaboration – sharing ideas and a motivation to discover users’ real interaction and feedback, throughout the software delivery experience.

The projects we’ve delivered range from simple content websites for businesses, to large and demanding transactional web application with thousands of unique users per day. From basic windows apps, to complex 24/7 platforms storing megabytes of data per second. From responsive web pages, to fully native apps on iOS, Android or Windows Mobile. There is nothing too small or too large for us.

We believe in decentralised model and token-economy

Industries & Experience

GPS, Telemetry, Fleet Management
Job Management, Dispatching
Crypto Investment, Blockchain, Decentralisation
Travel & Leisure
Media, TV, Radio
Schools, Education
Digital Products
Security, Single Sign On

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Software Developer Internship

We have loads of projects you can get involved, but we only accept internship arrangement from Industry Connect. Please check out Software Developer Internship and Programming Internship